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Discount tub repair began in 1988 with Mike Matlock as the sole repairman. He worked diligently to increase his service territory, providing professional tub repair service to a wide variety of customers.

In 1989, he purchased Jetstream Whirlpools, Inc. and began to add whirlpool systems onto bathtubs and then sold them to  builders and homeowners, while still maintaining Discount Tub Repair.  As the building industry boomed, so did Jetstream, by building a whirlpool bath manufacturing plant.  This allowed Jetstream to be in total control of quality, style and service.  Several years passed with sales and service increasing to levels beyond our expectations.  Discount Tub Repair added on 2 additional repairmen, as well as Jetstream adding on over 23 employees.

But as many of us have experienced, all good things come to an end.  When the housing industry began to decline, Jetstream sales also declined, so forcing the closing of it’s plant in 2011.

Mike remains the service repairman to this date, still providing the best service and expertise to all customers.

Santa Rosa

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